Air Freshener Enzyme Spray




Abode Fresh Air Enzyme Sprays are scented with only natural essential oils, no synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals and the added power of Organic Enzymes!

Use for: Pungent  sneakers, gym bags, sports  bags & equipment, etc. – Spray  directly into sneakers or bags, skates, soccer shoes, etc between uses to neutralize odour.

Pet  odours – Spray Abode Fresh Air in kitty litter box when cleaning or changing litter. Spray Abode Fresh Air on carpet or fabric after you have cleaned up the pet accident. It will neutralize the odour

Bacteria in Enzymes perform within a pH range of 5.9-9.0 with the optimum pH near 7.5.  Temperature effects the activity of the working solution and action increases with rising temperature up to 45C.  Diminished activity can be expected below 8C.

ENZYMES is a bio-chemical formulation consisting of a synergistic blend of three selected Bacillus micro-organisms.  In the development of Enzyme bio-formulation, of great importance was the selection of a blend of bio-strains specifically designed to promote optimum enzymatic activity for the production of protease, lipase, amylase and cellulase enzymes.  As a result, Enzymes  synergistic bio-strain provides excellent breakdown of starches, carbohydrates, tissue, fats, grease and oils.


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