Green and Thrifty Home and Body Pack




Our signature ‘Green and Thrifty home and body pack’ feature The Soap Exchange products that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

*not all images are exactly as seen on photo. Glass container’s are available with deposit
Original Packaging Green and Thrifty Home and Body Pack OPTIONAL
750ml with trigger spray The ULITMATE green Home and Body pack plus refills Cost 1 L Refill
Island Essentials SANITIZER, Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner – 1 L 10.5 8.99
Island Essentials Multi-Purpose Cleaner (944 ml) – forThaves Chai 9.5 8.99
Island Essentials Kitchen Cleaner, Gentle Earth, Citrus Solution (944ml) 9.5 8.99
The Soap Exchange DISH WASHING LIQUID, BULK delivery, Soft Shine Unscented 1 L 13.99 13.99
The Soap Exchange Laundry Powder, Enviro Wash, 1 KG 15.99 15.99
Island Essentials CASTILE LIQUID SOAP, Island Essentials, Unscented (500ml) 14.75 20.99
The Soap Exchange Dish washing machine – Ultra Dish 1Kg 16.99 14.99
The Soap Exchange Shampoo, The Soap Exchange, Unscented (1 L Refill Pouch) 16.99 16.99
The Soap Exchange Conditioner, The Soap Exchange, Unscented (1L refill pouch) 16.99 16.99
2 Hand and Body Bars 8
Value 133.2 126.91



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