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If you have sensitive skin and/or hard water, we have the perfect dish soap for you! Soft Shine is phosphate free, biodegradable, streak free and gentle on hands. And best of all, is highly effective in hard water.

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Magic Touch Hair & Body Soap – White Pearl

Magic Touch … for the whole body

Special Features:  Magic Touch is all soap with almost no water. Average hand washing costs less than half a cent. Saves up to 40% over bar soaps. Magic Touch is completely hygienic and is a high foaming soap that cleans right down to the pores.

Magic Touch has rich moisturizers and emollients ensure proper hand and body care as they cleanse away dirt and grime.

Magic Touch is pH neutral and therefore perfect for people with allergies and gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin.

Directions:  Hand Cleaning – Wet hands and apply soap. Work into a rich, creamy lather. Rinse well, dry hands and massage briskly for 30 seconds. Leaves hands soft.

For use in Showering – Wet body, dispense onto a wash cloth or hands, rub onto skin, lather up and rinse off. To preserve the product quality, keep lid closed when not in use.


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