Body and Soap Bars Made with Essential Oils

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Island Essentials hand, body and hair bars are great all round natural soap suitable for all areas of the body, hands and face. Our much loved hand-crafted bar soap is made from high quality natural ingredients. Our formula, enriched with organic shea butter and clay, is both moisturizing and cleansing. This bar soap contains RSPO certified sustainable palm oil, which is carefully sourced from ethical suppliers.

1 review for Body and Soap Bars Made with Essential Oils

  1. Kerston

    Tried quite a few shampoo bars over the last three years, trying to get away from plastic bottles. They have all failed to lather enough to make washing my hair a quick and pleasurable experience…
    Until THIS BAR!!
    Island Essentials Cardomon Cream Shampoo Bar, my hair feels great, the non synthetic smell is awesome and the lather was the BOMB!

    • Laura

      We are glad to hear you are enjoying the Shampoo bar!

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