Outside Cleaning – Powdered Moss Remover (1 Kg)





DESCRIPTION:  POWDER MOSS CLEANER is a concentrated, commercial strength cleaner specially formulated for killing and removing lichen, mold, algae and moss from roofs and decks.  It is FORMULATED WITH THE OXIDATIVE power of hydrogen peroxide in combination with natural citrus solvent and biodegradable sufactants. Kills invading vegetation preventing further damage to shingles and wood.  It is an environmentally responsible, phosphate-free cleaner and brightener that can be used on most surfaces.

DIRECTIONS:  Dissolve 170 ml per 4Liters of water (*¾ cup or 6oz per gallon.) by adding the powder slowly into warm water and stirring until fully dissolved. 1Kg of product will effectively treat 50 m2.  Apply the solution liberally with a sprayer or mop.  It may be left on the surface to be washed away with rain water or rinsed off after at least 30 minutes contact time.  Invading vegetation will begin to die immediately after treatment but will require time to dry up and fall off.  For stubborn vegetation, repeat the procedure as needed. May take several weeks or more for moss to completely die off and dry up.


*When dissolved in water, sodium percarbonate liberates hydrogen peroxide. Sodium percarbonate is a white, granular or powdered solid oxidizer. It is used primarily as a bleaching agent in cleaning products. Exposure to sodium percarbonate can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract. Use gloves and eye protection


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