The Natural Home and Body Pack




*Not all images are exact but products are similar to the package availability as seen on this list:
Original Packaging The Natural Home and Body Pack OPTIONAL
750ml with trigger spray The ULITMATE green Home and Body pack plus refills Cost 1 L Refill
Island Essentials SANITIZER, Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner – 1 L 10.5 8.99
Island Essentials Multi-Purpose Cleaner (944 ml) – forThaves Chai 9.5 8.99
Island Essentials Kitchen Cleaner, Gentle Earth, Citrus Solution (944ml) 9.5 8.99
Live for Tomorrow Dish Washing Soap , Concentrated, Rosemary Orange Blossom, 500mL 10.85 18.99
Live for Tomorrow Laundry Liquid, Live for Tomorrow 8x Rosemary Orange -500 ml 18.5 18.99
Island Essentials CASTILE LIQUID SOAP, Island Essentials, Unscented (500ml) 14.75 20.99
Dish washing machine – Ultra Dish 1Kg 16.99 14.99
Island Essentails Shampoo, IE, Natural Unscented 1 L 29.95 16.99
Island Essentails Conditioner, IE, Natural Unscented 1 L 29.95 16.99
Value 150.49 134.91


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